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Start up zone : Social-Media

Social Media is a cost-effective way to raise awareness and get enquires


New business need a strong Social media strategy and campaign(s) – but with all marketing today – it needs to be planned and executed properly.


There are literally dozens and dozens of Social Media channels – all doing a slightly different job but with the same aims – connecting people / businesses.


Should you use Facebook? LinkedIn? Instagram? Twitter etc?


The answer for each business is different – and new businesses often struggle to understand what to use and how to do it.


When you first get into social media, it seems like you have infinite options to put out all your great ideas. A little more time goes by, and you realize the work that goes into managing each account and how frustrating it can get. At this point, it is best to revisit your options and see what is actually working.


It makes no sense to blindly pursue every avenue without getting anything in return.


Focusing your attention on one to three social media accounts, and putting your best into it, tends to be more effective.


We always recommend keeping things simple – and Social Media is no exception – clearly understand what you need it to do (per channel) and then maximise each – REMEMBERING to always add value with a post and keep engaged with comments.


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