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Why do businesses need a powerful marketing strategy?


Simple – to get somewhere you have to know where you are going and how to get there. The business establishes the where they are going part – and the marketing strategy – along with sales – this is the how to get there part. Marketing today is much more complex than years past. People’s attention spans are more limited as they have more to do in their own jobs therefore it is important to constantly reach out and touch your potential customer with your messages. You must reach and impact quickly – sending a powerful message that is easily digested.


Most new businesses owners think that potential customers read everything they get sent – and they do not. Be clear, impactful and get to the point. Provide value and a call to action that drives people back to one of your brand properties.




It is frequency and diversity that works – reaching potential customers in a variety of ways on a regular basis – not every customer will be ready to buy when they see your message and it is unlikely that they will remember you, when they are, if you have not touched them enough times. So regularly marketing to your suspects, prospects and current customers is hugely important. You must also use different channels and tailor the message to the market you are focusing on.


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