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Get Started AND Get Professional AND Get More Business. Fast.

Our marketing start-up packages work. We’ll make you look professional and credible. Here’s how it works and what you get so you can get started.  


Marketing is critical for all business but especially start-ups. The faster you start with professional marketing the quicker your business will grow. You need to create credibility and drive awareness and leads.


Our start-up packages are carefully designed to get your business marketing rolling quickly. Starting a business is tough – but great marketing makes it easier.


We’ll make you look good and provide you with a marketing suite (INCLUDING a marketing strategy if you want one) that supports your business goals. Every business is unique, we understand that – so please talk to us and we’ll help you get exactly what you want and need to get your marketing started quickly and professionally.


It all starts with a phone call  so we can understand what you require and answer any questions you might have.  Everything will be documented along the way and we will provide you with a timings road map.


Contact us if you’d like to see some selected examples.

Logo and basic stationery

You’ll definitely want a great logo, one that you’re proud of and that represents what your business is all about. We’ll design one for you that is memorable and unique and that will stand the test of time. It’ll be designed to work across print and digital.


You’ll also get letterhead, compliment slips and business card designs. They’ll be art-worked – meaning that they are ready for print.

Starter+ website

Every business needs a website – it’s almost always the first place potential customers go when they want to know more about you – so best not to disappoint them. Both of our packages include our Starter+ website – everything you need to get a basic and professional web presence.


It’ll be Responsive – meaning it works on desktops, mobiles and tablets and we promise that it will look great.


See more information about Starter+ (you get with either of our packages) HERE

Landing page

A well-designed landing page is going to help turn those website visitors into leads. It needs to look great, be simple and help your website visitor to understand what to do.


Yours will include: your page built, copywriting, your Offer displayed, a Contact form, any custom graphic you like and a Call To Action.

Emailer design, template build and deployments

Email marketing is one of the most effective and speedy ways to stay in touch with your prospects and customers – and keep them close to your business. But it needs to be done properly – both of our packages include designing you a custom HTML emailer that is Responsive (it works across desktops, mobiles and tablets) and deployments to your list.


You’ll also get access to online tracking of the results in real-time – so you can see exactly who’s interested in your product or service.


We’re email marketing experts – with a deep understanding of exactly what to do to generate visits to your website. Ask us for a FREE demonstration HERE


Or you can learn more about our email marketing HERE

Online PDF brochure

Sometimes visitors to your websites, or just people that you meet or get recommended to you – want to see a brochure. A well designed brochure about your business, product or service creates credibility and makes potential customers feel good about you.


As a very experienced agency, we understand print and how to make you look great – both of our packages include a 4 page brochure design – supplied to you as both a PDF and print-ready artwork if you choose to get it printed. Custom graphics (up to 3) are included.

LinkedIn / Facebook set up

If you’d like to use Social Media to communicate things about your business and get people talking about you, then we’ll create a Facebook account and / or a LinkedIn presence for you, including custom graphics and professional copywriting.


Included in the package is a basic strategy about how best to make it work.


Explainers are a fun, fast and friendly way to both get video on your website and attract attention from potential customers. They can ‘explain’ about your business, product or service and communicate the benefits of doing business with you.


Working together, we’ll agree the message you’re looking to communicate then we’ll write the script, storyboard it, provide graphics (up to 5), voice over and music. You approve everything along the way. You’ll end up with a cool video that people can watch on any device.


Have a look at ours.